The union’s love for employees warms people’s hearts during Mid-Autumn Festival


Golden autumn sends cool, sweet osmanthus fragrance.

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day, the labor union of Zhangjiagang Zhonghuan Hailu High-end Equipment Co., Ltd. launched the “Moon is the hometown, Mingbing, expressing affection for family” care activities for non-local employees, focusing on condolences to non-local employees who stick to their posts during the Spring Festival epidemic.

During the epidemic, all people on land and sea did not forget their original aspirations, keep their mission in mind, and grasp the prevention and control of the epidemic on the one hand to ensure life, health and safety; on the other hand, they will resume work and production to secure their livelihood. In particular, workers from other places have fully demonstrated the spirit of the sea and land people who are not afraid of difficulties and facing difficulties during the epidemic.

During the event, the labor union delivered the company’s warmth, blessings and condolences to the relatives of the employees through express delivery. Relatives are invited to share the company’s care. The company’s care deeply encourages everyone on land and sea. All employees have expressed that they will stick to their posts, actively do various tasks during the holiday period, and turn the company’s care into work motivation, work hard and keep making progress in the future work, and use their own practical actions to help the company’s development!