Dongfeng Forging Company has set a new high in forging history!


A few days ago, the marketing and sales department of Dongfeng Forging Company reported a good news: As of April 30, Dongfeng Forging Company’s Forging Plant had delivered 10,523 tons of forgings, a record high!
“We made history!” Gao Ruichao, general manager and party secretary of Forging Company, was very excited when he heard the good news. Dongfeng Forging Factory fought a hard battle, a tough battle, and a beautiful battle in the turbulence of the market, equipment, manufacturing, machining, personnel and other production factors, and won the double victory of epidemic prevention and control and production and sales. It is understood that in April, the Dongfeng Forging Plant’s variety structure and production volume were adjusted frequently. The Manufacturing Management Department adjusted the Kanban plan in real time and issued the change orders in time to ensure that the market demand, planning instructions, and on-site manufacturing were consistent. The material preparation workshop is the first process of each forging workshop. According to the planned kanban, the quantity and nodes of the cutting of the combined connecting rod, the national five connecting rod, the new aluminum alloy, the new flame, U412 and other parts are adjusted in time. Due to the rapid response, the material preparation workshop completed the blanking of 1,648,000 pieces and 11,903 tons in the whole month, an increase of 22% and 33% respectively over the same period in 2019, and the blanking efficiency increased by 27% over the same period in 2019.