Zhonghuan Hailu holds a safety emergency drill


In order to further strengthen the company’s employees’ awareness of fire safety and improve their practical skills in emergency rescue, on the afternoon of September 5, 2018, an intense and orderly natural gas leakage emergency drill was carried out in the No. 1 workshop of Huan Duan, and more than 30 people participated in the drill.

Before the drill started, Song Yadong, vice president of production, mobilized before the event, explained the process of the event, and pointed out that the main purpose of the event was to improve the safety awareness and emergency rescue capabilities of all employees. At the drill site, the gas detector found the 3# heating furnace leaking from the natural gas pipeline. After receiving the information, the workshop safety officer and workshop director quickly cut off the relevant power supply and gas leakage source, and the evacuation team leader guided the personnel to evacuate in an orderly manner. , Evacuated to the emergency assembly point within 1 minute, all workshop employees were evacuated safely, and the drill achieved the expected results.

Safe production is the top priority of an enterprise. “Everyone speaks about safety and is safe for everyone” is not an empty phrase. All employees learn to master safety knowledge, enhance safety awareness, and respond calmly to emergencies, and take safety precautions. Complete the drill activities according to strict requirements, provide effective practical experience for future efficient and orderly emergency work, and lay a solid safety foundation for daily production work.