Work together with one heart and hands-2019 Zhonghuan Sea and Land Spring Festival Gala is grandly held


On the evening of January 29, 2019, the Zhonghuan Sea and Land Welcome Spring Party was held at Zhangjiagang International Trade Hotel. Around the theme of the annual meeting of “Going forward with one heart and working hand in hand”, all employees of the company gathered together to share a feast of joy.

At the beginning of the party, Chairman Wu Junsan delivered a new year speech on behalf of the board of directors, reviewing the achievements made in the past year and planning the development layout for the new year. Chairman Wu put forward three requirements: First, we must love the enterprise in the enterprise and enhance the pride of enterprise development. Second, we must be in position and have a strong sense of mission. Third, we must work hard and enhance the sense of responsibility for doing hard work.

In a warm and joyful atmosphere, the 2019 Spring Festival Gala in Zhonghuan Hailu kicked off. The wonderful programs, lottery and interactive game sessions aroused the enthusiasm of the employees and pushed the scene atmosphere to a climax. For the upcoming 2019, with good hearts and full of expectations, Zhonghuan Hailu will, as always, work together to write a new chapter.