We are in action to fight the “epidemic” together


In order to effectively fight the raging epidemic, the company’s chairman Wu Junsan convened an emergency meeting as soon as possible to establish the NCP epidemic prevention and joint control management system, and set up a joint prevention and control work leading group, with the general manager Wu Jian as the team leader.

As winter comes to the end of spring, before the battle against the “epidemic”, we are united in a city, working hand in hand to compose a battle song that moves together and moves the world.

I. Set up a plan with a clear direction

In accordance with the requirements of the higher-level municipal departments, as a continuous production company, our company has intensively formulated a detailed “Emergency Plan for Infectious Disease Epidemics”, which provides a strong guarantee for the company’s normal production and also points out the direction for the epidemic prevention and control team.

Second, strong guarantee for raising materials

After the company’s protective equipment preparation team received the task assigned by the company, through various channels, it worked hard to buy 5000 masks, 2 thermometers, 60 bottles of 84 disinfectant, 45 barrels of disinfectant alcohol, and no-wash antibacterial hand sanitizer 20 The barrel provides a strong material guarantee for fighting the epidemic. The safety publicity team posts epidemic prevention precautions and self-protection measures through guards, canteens, workshops, etc., to provide a safe and secure working environment for on-the-job personnel and provide a strong guarantee for the full resumption of work.


3. Daily report and busy returning to work

All employees returning to work in the company use mobile information to check their trajectories, and those who have not left the port resume work according to the company’s working hours. The company’s joint prevention and control team knows the health status of all on-duty personnel in real time, and distributes protective masks and disinfectants to them. Establish a WeChat group for departing personnel, implement grid management, and report body temperature and physical condition every day. Personnel leaving Hong Kong shall strictly observe home observation for 14 days after returning to Hong Kong before returning to work. All personnel returning to work have signed a resumption of work commitment, joint prevention and control inspection team management regulations, and personal health status registration commitments. The epidemic prevention and control team issued a proposal to fight the epidemic. Everyone has the responsibility. In the shortage of personnel positions and prevention and control masks, the department was mobilized to voluntarily go to the front-line positions to assist the workshop in smooth production.


Fourth, strong management and strict control

Door guards, as the main personnel entering and exiting, are the first line of defense for epidemic prevention and control. The employees of the factory enter the factory according to the resumption list, and all employees on and off work need to take temperature measurements and register them; outsiders need to check the movement track through the Internet, and meet the approval of the company’s general manager before entering the company. In addition, in order to strictly control, the company’s epidemic prevention and control team goes deep into the frontline to check the wearing of masks and disinfection of office premises and other epidemic prevention inspections. The company will persuade those who do not obey the arrangement to severely punish those who do not change repeatedly.

Fifth, stick a logo in the cafeteria

Xu Huiqin, the person in charge of the canteen, played an active and exemplary role in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and strictly required food purchases, tableware disinfection, meal management, canteen environmental sanitation, etc., and reminded employees to distribute meals through dining seat signs, effectively avoiding gatherings for dining The risks brought by it have been well received in the inspection of relevant municipal departments. At the same time, everyone is encouraged to bring their own lunch boxes to reduce gathering time and reduce the possibility of infection.


Zhangjiagang Zhonghuan Hailu High-end Equipment Co., Ltd.

Division of Responsibilities of the Leading Group for Responding to the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic

In order to implement the important instructions and the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Jinping, the leadership team of Zhangjiagang Zhonghuan Hailu High-end Equipment Co., Ltd. has decided to establish a leading group for the response to the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. General manager Wu Jian is the team leader. Seven working groups, including the daily diagnosis isolation group and the employee return statistics group, coordinate and coordinate the company’s personnel protection and production guarantee work.

Person in charge of the Daily Diagnosis and Isolation Team: Song Yadong;

Head of Employee Return Statistics Group: Huang Yan;

Person in charge of the plant disinfection team: Xu Huiqin;

Head of Epidemic Publicity and Education Team: Li Hao;

The person in charge of the external personnel control group: Wang Jian;

Person in charge of the protective equipment preparation group: Zhang Liping;

Persons in charge of the joint defense and joint control inspection team: Song Yadong and Zhu Qianhao.