Good news


Congratulations to Peng Wenhu for winning the “First Prize” in the Zhangjiagang Metallurgical Industry Testing Skills Competition

In the eighth “travel champion” vocational skills competition in Zhangjiagang City, Peng Wenhu of our company stood out with his exquisite professional skills, through written examinations, on-site testing and other competitions, and won the “First Prize” and was awarded by Zhangjiagang City Government. “Zhangjiagang City Skilled Champion”, “Zhangjiagang City Youth Job Expert” title.

Comrade Peng Wenhu has been engaged in physical and chemical and metallographic inspection work. He has always worked rigorously, meticulously, patiently, dedicatedly, persistently, professionally, and dedicatedly, giving full play to the spirit of craftsmen in the new era and boosting the quality of the company!