The first domestic heavy H-beam project was put into operation in Maanshan Iron & Steel


Following the completion and trial production of the first domestic heavy-duty hot-rolled H-beam production line in Maanshan Iron & Steel on April 28, Maanshan Iron & Steel’s first order of 1,500 tons of high-strength heavy-duty H-beam products for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region began to be delivered on May 27. After the product is put on the market, it can not only change the monopoly of foreign steel companies in the field of heavy H-beams, but also meet the high-end needs of domestic and global construction, railways, bridges, oceans, power and other fields.

Maanshan Iron & Steel’s heavy-duty H-beam project is designed to have an annual production capacity of 800,000 tons. The product height is 1108 mm, the width is 476 mm, and the flange thickness is 115 mm. It adopts the world’s advanced near-net shape billet continuous casting, full protection casting, and hydraulic pressure. AGC (automatic thickness control), dynamic axial adjustment DAA, small tension control, fast cooling after rolling and other process technologies have improved the cleanliness of molten steel, dimensional control accuracy and product flatness; the main focus is on heavy series and thick walls that cannot be produced in China. Series, wide flange series and other high value-added H-shaped steel products, some of which have supplemented special-shaped steel products such as super large-size angle steel, U-shaped steel sheet piles, hat-shaped steel for railway vehicles, etc. All products can comply with Japanese standards, American standards, British standards, European standard and national standard organize production.

After 13 months of hard work by engineering builders, Maanshan Iron & Steel’s heavy-duty H-beam production line completed a thermal load test on January 18 this year; since March 29th, Maanshan Iron and Steel has developed all three specifications of heavy-duty H-beams in the American standard. Meet the design standards and meet the conditions for production.

On July 4, 1998, Maanshan Iron & Steel introduced key equipment and some technologies from foreign “platforms” and built my country’s first hot-rolled large H-beam production line, and jointly issued national standards and application design for hot-rolled H-beams with architectural design experts Manual, steel structure design specifications and related technical documents. On September 20, 2017, Maanshan Iron & Steel started construction of a heavy-duty H-beam production line comparable to developed countries such as the United States, and truly became the first domestic H-beam manufacturer with a full range of specifications.