Municipal Party Committee Secretary Shen Guofang visited Zhonghuan Hailu after the holiday


On the afternoon of February 11, on the first day after the holiday, Shen Guofang, secretary of the Zhangjiagang Municipal Party Committee, led the heads of relevant departments, accompanied by the Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Metallurgical Industry Park and the Secretary of the Party Committee of Jinfeng Town, Chang Zheng, to Zhonghuan Hailu. Visit and research to understand the production and operation of enterprises after the holiday.

During the visit, Secretary Shen and his entourage went to the workshop and listened to the introduction of the production workshop by Wu Junsan, Chairman of Zhonghuan Hailu. In the meantime, Secretary Shen inquired about the operation of the workshop in detail, hoping that Zhonghuan Hailu would innovate and develop ideas, accelerate the technological transformation of traditional industries, extend the breadth and depth of products, and strive to seize opportunities and make breakthroughs in some key areas, and strive to make products better High-end.