High temperature condolences to send cool, affection for employees to warm people’s hearts


The continuous high temperature and hot weather failed to affect the enthusiasm of the front-line workers. In order to truly care for the physical and mental health of the laborers who have worked hard under the high temperature, the company leaders cooperated with the labor union to carry out the “High temperature condolences and coolness, and affection for the employees” activity , Send a care, express a heart.

Everywhere you go, there are busy figures. The leaders of the company urge the front-line workshop directors that the temperature in the workshop is high, and they must do a good job of preventing heatstroke and cooling, and arrange employees to take turns to ensure safe production and their health.

A thoughtful greeting made the front-line employees feel cool in the hot summer, and the cordial greetings and praise further inspired the front-line employees’ enthusiasm for work. Employees have expressed that they will continue to stick to their positions, redouble their efforts to ensure safety, and continue to fight high temperatures, emphasize safety, and ensure quality to complete various tasks.